People's Choice Photogenic Competition

2020 Official

People's Choice Photogenic Competition

Our 2020 Official People's Choice Photogenic Competition begins February 1st and runs through March 31st, and you can join the competition at any time!

Winners of each age division will receive $125 towards their 2020 State Official Pageant fees, as well as a FREE photogenic entry.

Selling Program Book Ads

We offer contestants the ability to sell ad space to family, friends, and businesses in our State program book. Our ad options come as full and half page ads, printed in full color!  We also offer patron listings; A short, one line good luck message from family, friends, and even local businesses!

A portion of the proceeds will apply as a direct credit towards your state fees!  It is very possible to sell enough ads that the remainder of your state fees and optionals are completely covered with the help of your sponsors!

2020 Official State Pageant

Patron listings and Ads will be available for purchase starting February 1st for our 2020 Official State Pageant. 

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