What are the clothing rules for contestants?

General Clothing Rules for ALL contestants:

* Body glitter or hair glitter is not allowed in any stage of competition.

* Spray tanning application will not be permitted during the duration of the competition, this includes early bird days. This will be cause for disqualification if done during the event.

* Contestants ages 0-12 years are not allowed to wear fake nail tips(hands or toes) during any phase of competition. You must be at least 13 years of age and competing in the Ideal Miss group, to wear artificial nails.  This includes a .  Polish for La Petites through age 12 should be clear or a very pale pastel.  No nail polish is allowed on Baby Petites of any age.  An infraction will be given as a warning for the first offense.

* Shoe heel requirements: Ages 0-9 no taller than 1.5” and ages 10-12 (OLMP) no taller than 2”. There is no heel regulation for ages 13 & up.

*Contestants ages 13 & up cannot have any outfits with the back going lower than their waist line.

*Sexy overdone clothing is not acceptable.

* Expensive designer clothing is not necessary.

* Failure to follow clothing guidelines will result in either an infraction or violation to be given.

* NO competition clothing with cut out or open sides.

* NO Midriffs are permitted to show in any outfit for all age groups.

* NO extremely low necklines in any phase of competition.

* NO disrobing or garment removal in any phase of competition.

* NO visual drawings on the body are allowed (i.e. tattoos) these must be covered!

* NO excessive or extremely large earrings on younger children on stage or in .

* NO extremely tight fitting gowns on older contestants.

*Shoes worn for Playtime/Team OLM should be tennis style shoes and must be white or light in color!!

* Wigs/falls/hairpieces - Fake hair is allowed for medical reasons.  A note from a licensed physician is required.

Fake hair is allowed for talent/party presentations/events.  No fake hair is allowed in party dress, sportswear, interview, pro-am competition or at any casual time while on the host hotel premises.  This is a violation. These are allowed as costumes for both talent and parties.

* False teeth are only allowed for medical reasons.  This is a normal growth process and braces and loss of teeth will not be counted against any delegate.  Flippers (retainer based teeth to cover normal childhood tooth loss) are not allowed.  This is a violation


What percentage of each competition counts towards overall score?

Percentages - Official:  Talent/Personality (BP and LAP) is 50%.  For all ages, Interview/Personality (both verbally and on stage while presenting an outfit) is 50%.  Equal value is given for interview, playtime/team OLM, sportswear and party dress.  Interview is the tie breaker if needed. 


Percentages - Univerdal Beauty:  Beauty of face, personality and appearance are valued equally.


What awards are given?

Winner (in each age division)


Princess (successor)


Mini Queen


Personality Plus (0-6 ONLY)


Talent Winner (7 & up ONLY)(Official Season ONLY)


1st Alt


2nd Alt


3rd Alt


4th Alt


Miss Photogenic (in each age division)


Optional Talent Winner (0-6 ONLY) (Official Season ONLY)

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