Pre-Teen Division 10-12 Years Old

Clothing Examples for Competition

Below, please find samples of age appropriate clothing for Our Little Miss pageants.  For a full list of clothing rules, please see the FAQ page on this website.


Sometimes referred to as "Close Up Appraisal". For ages 0-6 apparel should be akin to Sunday's Best type dresses. 

For ages 7-12 interview apparel can be a Sunday's Best dress or Business suits.

For ages 13 and older apparel should be business suit or dress. Think of what would be appropriate to wear to a job interview.


No slacks may be worn in any age division for close-up appraisal.

Sportswear / Casualwear

Sometimes referred to as casual wear. For ages 0-12 should wear something casual in style for sportswear. For example a set or a cute walking shorts outfit, pant outfits can also be worn at this age.

For ages 13 and older contestants should wear a pant or Capri outfit for sportswear, jumpsuits are also accepted. Most wear a matching pant and jacket outfit.

Beauty Dress / Gown

For ages 0-6 the length of the dress should not be long. The acceptable length is any where from fingertip length to mid-calf.  Remember we are not looking for "Miniature Adults!" Dresses cannot appear in party dresses with the back lower than the contestants' shoulder blades...No exceptions. Floor length gowns are not accepted in this age group. Pantyhose should not be worn.

For ages 7-12 the length of the beauty dress may be short or floor length. The acceptable length of a short dress is any where from fingertip length to mid-calf. Pantyhose can be worn if desired.

For ages 13 - 28 dresses should be floor length. An example of an appropriate evening gown would be a prom dress or a dress worn to a formal. Dresses should be age appropriate in style and adornments. No side midriff cutouts, indecent back exposure and no split skirts above the knees.


For ladies 29 and older dresses can be backless, however backs of dresses must not be below their waist line.

Most of our stage set ups are T shaped, however stage shapes vary depending on location, season, and competition area.


Florida's OLM division will typically hold a pageant boot camp each season prior to our state pageant. If you are interested in attending please ask our Director Kim Smith during your preliminary pageant or sign up below.

2019 Official Season Florida Pageant Boot Camp

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